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By: smstrackerinfo | September 12, 2017

Drones have become popular recently. However, the unmonitored usage of these unmanned aircrafts have alerted the United Nation’s aviation agency which is now calling for the creation of a single global drone registry. This, according to a report, is in line with the agency’s efforts to come up with agreed common rules for flying and tracking unmanned aircrafts. The International Civil Aviation Organization or the ICAO has proposed the formation of a registry during the Montreal symposium that was conducted this month. This will make the registry data of such unmanned aircraft readily accessible in real time. According to ICAO’s director Stephen Creamer, having a single global drone registry would allow easier identification of unmanned aircraft including the name of its operator and owner instead of relying on multiple databases to which only few has limited access.

This is due to the fact that unchecked usage of drones in countries such as the U.S. and China and even in regions such as in Europe has raised more privacy concerns due to the fact that most drones are now equipped with cameras and satellite systems. Their usage also increases the fear of collision of such unmanned aircraft with commercial jets. Despite the public interest attached to this proposal, it is likely that it will not become a possibility any time soon after drone users and enthusiasts successfully challenged and prevented the creation of a U.S. drone registry in court when the proposal was made by the Federal Aviation Administration earlier this year.

ICAO plans to hose the Sept 22-23 symposium where they will likely be discussing on the method and process that would govern the registration and tracking of drones. One possible topic that will be discussed in relation to such would be geo-fencing systems that will help limit the operation of drones to particular areas and disallow access of such unmanned aircraft in restricted areas. Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Rockwell Collins are said to be attending the coming symposium.

According to ICAO, several drone makers have asked for the development of a set of common standards that will be used in a majority if not all of the countries that have prevalent drone usage to avoid confusion. This will also help prevent a situation wherein drone makers build different kinds of drones to comply with different sets of standards found for every country in case different standards are set by such countries. The creation of a single global drone registry and best sms tracker system that implements a common standard would be beneficial to these drone makers as well.

Principal Investigator for Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management or UTM at NASA Ames Research Center located in California, Primal Kopardekar has also expressed his support to the proposed single global drone registry system which has common operating standards. It remains unclear who will be made in charge of this proposed global drone registry system but it is highly likely that this task would fall under the supervision of the ICAO itself.

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Posted on : March 03, 2018

Some common standards should be made mandatory for the designing of these drones to make them safe. I think this idea to introduce such a registry can do really good for the users. The symposium will be valuable for the companies to get a clear idea of the same. private rijksmuseum tour


Posted on : February 17, 2018

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Posted on : January 15, 2018

I am not surprised about such a move. In fact, I do believe that such a registry system should be bought. The ease of availability of these drones can be a threat to the security. The usage of these drones is getting higher and it should be monitored.
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Posted on : December 24, 2017

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